Doctorate of Education, Saint Mary’s College of California, 2020-present

Master’s, Leadership Studies, Saint Mary’s College of California, 2017

Bachelor’s Degree, Rhetorical Theory, University of California, Berkeley, 2012

Marine Corps Combat Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2000-2007

Hello, my name is Ryan Berg, and welcome to my website. I am a professional educational consultant located in Concord, California. At present, I serve primarily adolescence between the ages of 14-19.

Adolescence is a dynamic time. In 2022, educational researchers have observed an increase in anxiety and depression among teens. At this stage, the brain becomes hypersensitive to social and hierarchical information, while the demand to explore one’s identity and determine self-worth also increases. Questions like: Who am I? Who are my friends? Where do I fit in? are important questions that, when reflected upon, can provided qualitative advancements in physical and mental wellness, and one’s ability to function.

I support adolescent teens in the following ways:

  • Regulate impulses & improve emotional awareness

  • Increase mental capacity and complexity, and well-being

  • Improve executive skills & expand cognitive abilities

  • Set goals and gain perseverance to achieve objectives

  • Adapting to the “call of maturation”

Please contact me if you are interested in working together to support your child’s development: 510.362.4162 or rmb6@stmarys-ca.edu